How To Think Right About SEO

Recently, I sat down with a “rookie” business owner who wanted a 6 month review of their campaign. I did not talk about their latest rankings or their impression shares. I showed them how they had received over a 600% increase in profits from their internet traffic lead volume. What did the owner say…, “Yea, but how many rankings do I have?” Wait… What??? Seattle SEO is about more than ranking, what level of ranking will grow your ROI?

I’m convinced that some business owners just don’t embrace, or perhaps understand, the “scalability of marketing.” What they focus on, instead, is whether or not “their keyword is in the 1st or 3rd position.” The problem with this is that they end up chasing keywords all day without considering the fact that they are really not communicating with humans. If a business is not focusing first on how their business relates with humans on the internet, I would urge them to stop and consider pausing their entire online marketing efforts. It’s that important.

What About all the Technical Stuff?

Here are all of the latest Google algorithm updates summarized in a nutshell… ready? Satisfy people… that’s it. Wait… what about technical SEO, penalties, local places, etc…? That’s irrelevant if your SEO efforts are not first satisfying people.

Here’s who we are at Fannit. We work with business owners who are interested in discovering the profit potential of their company by engaging humans through quality content and marketing automation. If you’re looking to rank a few key-terms… we are probably not going to be a good fit.